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Створювати  Taverna на тему Сб Травень 19, 2012 3:24 am

We offer: holding special events (weddings (Honeymoon suite free gift), birthday, anniversaries, celebrations of birthdays (optionally live music), watching sporting events in the direct broadcast (football, boxing, hockey ...) of the corporative , presentations, private parties and just stay in the cozy atmosphere at any day of the week.
Also Domestic moteyu breakfast lyubu convenient for the client hour.
The list of services motel: WI-FI, laundry, ironing, cable television (58 channels).
Relax in the café until 1 am, kitchen open until 00.00
Guest kitchen for our good, as we offer many courses in other countries (8 first courses, 21 salads, 88 main dishes (pork, veal, chicken and fish), 6 side dishes every day. We also offer several varieties of beer: light Obolon , Obolon premium, Chernihiv bright, white, Staropramen. Large selection of vintage wines, and Moldovan real ukranskoyi vodka and exclusive drinks known brands in the world.
Parkoka 30 meters from the motel 05.10 USD / day, and also work with taxi service. While booking rooms available on railway Stryy.


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